11 CoronaVirus Cases Now Confirmed In FDL County

Fond du Lac County now has 11 reported confirmed cases of the coronavirus. That announcement was made Sunday morning by County Health Officer Kim Mueller. 

The latest batch of results came back late Saturday night. A total of 30 tests were sent for testing, with 25 coming back negative. Four of the five positive tests were from people who were guests on an Egyptian River Cruise. The remaining positive test came from a person who had traveled domestically. 

The 25 negative tests were from people who felt that had been in contact or close proximity to a person or persons who had the COVID-19 virus. Mueller says that, while the positive test results was relatively low, it does not mean the situation is far from over. Mueller says there are still a number of people that are being tested, or will be tested in the very near future. Mueller also says FDL County is in a good position right now, but also reminds the general public to continue to practice safe hygiene and avoid large crowds as well as any unnecessary travel.

The 11 positive tests in Fond du Lac County is the most in the state. Milwaukee County has the second-most with seven, while Dane County has six. There have been three positive tests in Sheboygan County, with one in Winnebago County. In total, the state Department of Health Services reports 33 total positive tests in the state – one person tested positive, but has since recovered, with 313 people testing negative for COVID-19.