16 New Cases Of COVID-19 Over Weekend, 20-29 Yr. Old Account For Half

Fond du Lac County saw an increase of 16 positive cases of
COVID-19 over the weekend. FDL County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller
announced Monday morning there are now 273 confirmed cases since the start of
the pandemic. According to Mueller, the 20-29 year old age group provided over
half of those new confirmed. She says the younger age groups are seeing higher
numbers due to lack of social distancing and sharing of food and drinks. 

it’s important to note that the younger demographics have not seen the fatality
rates that older demographics have, due to the coronavirus, Mueller says it’s
very important that the younger demos consider those people they live with, work
with, or interact with, and what exposing those people to COVID-19 means to
them. Mueller asks that you consider those around you, and stay home if you’re
sick. If you have had or are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with
COVID-19, you are asked to call 844-225-0147 and get tested for free.