2 Dead In Oshkosh Plane Crash


An Oshkosh aviation company is mourning the loss of the victims of a plane crash in Oshkosh. Sonex Aircraft C-E-O Jeremy Monnett and assembly mechanic Mike Clark were killed on Tuesday when their small yellow plane went down beyond the end of a runway. Mark Schaible is the general manager of Sonex. Monnett was 40 years old and Clark was 20. Schaible says he was in awe of Monnett’s energy and enthusiasm for whatever he was involved in. He says Clark joined the company about a year ago. They were in a Sonex plane and the company says it made a cross-country flight to Florida earlier this year. Company founder John Monnett says Sonex Aircraft will continue to operate, despite the loss of 40-year-old Jeremy Monnett and the 20-year-old Clark. He says it would be Jeremy’s wish to carry on. Pictured Jeremy Monnett with his father John. 

To see a video of Jeremy Monnett flying the Sonex SA plane click here

One of the two people killed in a plane crash near Wittman Field in Oshkosh Tuesday afternoon has been identified. Jeremy Monnett was the CEO of Sonex Aircraft. The plane that went down on property owned by Oshkosh Corporation was a 2007 two-seat Sonex SA experimental aircraft. It hit several military vehicles stored on the property. The other person killed in the crash has not officially been identified. The accident happened during what has been reported as a failed landing at 3:20 p.m. Pictured above Jeremy Monnett with his father John Monnett a Sonex designer. 

The Oshkosh Police Department and Oshkosh Fire Department responded to a plane crash
involving a single plane at 3:21PM on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 on Oshkosh Corporation property,
located at Montana St. and W. 23rd Ave.
Two fatalities are being confirmed from the plane crash. Both fatalities were aboard the plane.
The names of the deceased are not being released at this time.
No one on the ground was injured.
The FAA and NTSB are enroute to the scene.