2 Officers Stabbed In Appleton

Two Appleton Police Officers are recovering, and a 49-year old male is in custody, after one of the officers was ambushed by the man with a large kitchen knife and stabbed multiple times. A vehicle allegedly driven by Troy VanGrisven was following one of the officers early Tuesday morning while it was on patrol, and followed the officer for a fair amount of time. 

While leading VanGrisven back to the police department, the officer reported the incident to the Appleton PD Dispatch Center. It was then relayed to the officer that the same vehicle description had been reported from numerous other patrol units, saying VanGrisven had been following them as well. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, with no success. Then, as the officer was returning to headquarters, just past 4:15 a.m., VanGrisven was seen parked just outside the PD parking lot. 

When the officer approached VanGrinsven, the suspect attacked the officer with a large knife, stabbing him numerous times. A 2nd officer responded to the scene, and that officer was stabbed as well. Officers still managed to take VanGrisven into custody. Both officers were treated for the stabbing injuries and were released.