2013 Sturgeon Season A Success

Even though only one more sturgeon was taken during the spearing season this winter compared to last year; the DNR’s sturgeon biologist considers the season a success. Ryan Koenigs says 73 percent of the 567 sturgeon speared on the Lake Winnebago System were taken by residents who live in counties around the Lake and another 17 percent were taken by those living in adjacent counties. He says the 2013 season continued a five to ten year trend of harvests with an increasing number of fish taken over 100 pounds, which makes it a successful season. Koenigs says you also have to take into account the impact on the local economy, which according to one study is about $3.5 million for a season that goes the entire 16 days. Koenigs says he’s already looking forward to the next season.

County by County breakdown.