2016-17 Flyway Conference Wrestling Meet Results

Flyway Conference Meet:

Team Scores:

1. Lomira — 263 points

2. North Fond du Lac/St. Mary’s Springs — 169.5 points

3. Laconia — 166 points

4. Omro — 114 points

5. Winnebago Lutheran — 103.5 points

6. Mayville — 79.5 points

7. St. Lawrence Seminary — 56 points

–Lomira wins the Flyway Conference for the eighth straight year.

Individual Results/Places:

106: 1st place: Tyler Garrity of Lomira, 2nd: Long Do of St. Lawrence Seminary, 3rd: Eder Godoy of NFDL/Springs

113: 1st Place: Alex Gundrum of Lomira, 2nd place: Ethan Ingraham of NFDL/Springs, 3rd: Daniel Trinh of St. Lawrence Seminary

120: 1st Place: Dylan Jacob of Laconia, 2nd place: Noah Danner of Lomira, 3rd place: Micah Hinds of Winnebago Lutheran, 4th place: Shawn Hernandez of NFDL/Springs

126: 1st Place: Zachary Foth of Laconia, 2nd place: John Stucke of Lomira, 3rd place: Abraham Giebel of NFDL/Springs, 4th: Jackson Schlender of Mayville, 5th: Dustin Peterson of Omro

132: 1st Place: Andrew Forsythe of NFDL/Springs, 2nd: Costa Calarco of Lomira, 3rd: Cody Eckstein of Omro, 4th: Bryce Engelhardt of Laconia

138: 1st place: Alec Potter of Laconia, 2nd: Ryan Riedel of Lomira, 3rd: Justin Schlender of Mayville, 4th: Jace Braun of NFDL/Springs, 5th: Ben Quiroz of St. Lawrence Seminary, 6th: Taylor Milner of Omro

145: 1st place: Colin Saegert of Lomira, 2nd: Tyler Lovejoy of Laconia, 3rd: Niko Giese of Mayville, 4th: Zach Olson of Winnebago Lutheran, 5th: River Rodey of Omro, 6th: Junior Hernandez of NFDL/Springs

152: 1st place: Chase Parr of Lomira, 2nd: Brett Hebert of Laconia, 3rd: Simone Ciranni of Winnebago Lutheran, 4th, Ben Stone of Omro, 5th: Trevor Kraemer of NFDL/Springs

160: 1st place: Luke Meihack of Winnebago Lutheran, 2nd: Jacob Kafer of Omro, 3rd: Nate Thomas of Lomira, 4th: Dalton Fritch of NFDL/Springs, 5th: Trevin Henker of Laconia, 6th: Gabe Cash of St. Lawrence Seminary

170: 1st place: Zach Coffeen of Laconia, 2nd: Matt Hanke of Lomira, 3rd: Montana Bingen of Mayville, 4th: Jonathan Hinesh of St. Lawrence Seminary, 5th: Zac Boese of Omro, 6th: Sam Koffman of NFDL/Springs

182: 1st: Caleb Hopp of Laconia, 2nd: Dakota Maas of NFDL/Springs, 3rd: Sage Pastorius of Lomira, 4th: Dakota Treleven of Omro, 5th: Ethan Guse of Winnebago Lutheran, 6th: Ricardo Rodriguez of St. Lawrence Seminary

195: 1st: Collin Feucht of Lomira, 2nd: Tanner Haase of Winnebago Lutheran, 3rd: Marcus Orlandoni of NFDL/Springs, 4th: Andrew Breitkreutz of Mayville, 5th: Jaeden Frost of Omro

220: 1st: Jack Dietzen of Omro, 2nd: Zach Choate of NFDL/Springs, 3rd: Allan Klink of Lomira, 4th: Grant Manke of Winnebago Lutheran, 5th: Isaac Weinberger of Mayville, 6th: John Farber of Laconia

285: 1st: Adam Kinyon of Lomira, 2nd: Austin Hernandez of NFDL/Springs, 3rd: Mitchell Potratz of Omro, 4th: Joe Klein of Mayville.