2018 Heroin Overdose Results In 20 Year Sentences For Three

Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney announced Tuesday afternoon that three defendants have been convicted of Reckless Homicide in relation to a heroin overdose death in 2018. Included in the sentencing were Julie Harr, Anthony Buechel, and Cara Zech. All three were involved in the death of a victim from July of 2018.

Harr was sentenced on Dec. 1 with a sentence of 12 years of imprisonment, split into two phases that includes 6 years of initial confinement and 6 years of extended supervision.

Anthony Buechel was sentenced to 7 years of prison followed by 5 years of extended supervision.

Cara Zech was given a sentence of 9 years prison confinement and 10 years of extended supervision.

In the press release, District Attorney Eric Toney stated, “Drug overdose deaths are heartbreaking on so many levels and these sentences will not erase the pain and grief families experience when they lose a loved one. I pray as we turn the page into 2021 those experiencing drug addiction will seek help to break their cycle of addiction.”

Toney also said, “We will continue to prosecute those that sustain addiction through drug dealing while also continuing to support our Drug Court and Diversion programs for those that wish to seek treatment.”