2018 Spring Election FDL County Results

2018 Spring Election FDL County Results: (Polls are closed check back for updates.)

(I) denotes incumbent

State Supreme Court:

Michael Screnock 8693 Final FDL County Only!

Rebecca Dallet    6625 Statewide Winner!

Statewide Referendum:

Asks voters for permission to eliminate the State Treasurer’s Office.

Yes 7439 FDL County Final Only!

No  7283   Defeated Statewide!

FDL City Council (4 seats)

Ben Giles  2951  Final 

Derek TerBeest (I)  2228

Karyn Merkel (I)  2770

Donna Richards  2573

Kay Miller (I)  2839

NFDL Village Board President:

Mike Streetar  411 Final 

Keith King       255

Ripon Mayor:

Jason Kauffeld  136  Final 

Craig Tebon  505

Gary Will (I)  641

Ripon Alderperson District 4:

Allen Schraeder (I)  235  Final 

Todd Elliot    156

County Board Supervisor District 2:

Gary Will (I)  440 Final

Andrew Zuelke 201

County Board Supervisor District 6:

Michael Beer 361 Final

Lowell Prill  313

County Board Supervisor District 9:

Joseph Koch (I)  330 Final

Thomas Dornbrook 298

Kewaskum School Board (2 seats):

James Leister (I) 126

Bradley Petersen  126

Mark Stetts 98

Oakfield School Board (2 seats):

Heidi Kopf (I)  305 Final 

Vanessa Arellano 296

Adam Lichtenberg 385

Waupun School Board:

Kim Pokorny 514 Final 

Stephan Chene 318

Town of Springvale Referendum:

To allow the Town Board to appoint the Town Clerk

Yes 86 Final 

No  33

Markesan School District Referendum:

Asks voters to allow the district to exceed state revenue caps by nearly $1.1 million each of the next four school years.

Yes 62 Final FDL County Voting Only!

No   25