2019 Domestic Violence Arrests Up In FDL, But Long Term Trend Declines

The latest numbers are in, and after 3 years of declining domestic violence arrests, the City of Fond du Lac saw an increase in 2019. A total of 308 arrests were made for domestic violence in the City last year; that compares to 286 in 2018. That’s an increase of 7.5%. 

The previous 3 years saw a decline of almost 18%. When you look at a rolling 3-year average, the 2017-2019 arrest totals were down 12% when compared to 2014-2016. The City of Fond du Lac Police Department created the Domestic Violence Intervention Team back in 2013. This team of Police Officers provides follow up and review of all incidents of domestic violence, and have helped greatly in improving the overall responses to domestic violence incidents. 

The DVIT works closely with a number of agencies in the City, including the FDL County DA’s Office, Agnesian Domestic Violence, FDL Solutions Center, ASTOP and the Fond du Lac Women’s Fund.