2020 Sturgeon Season Is In The Books

The 2020 Sturgeon Season wrapped up Sunday, with 69 fish being registered, 60 of them on Lake Winnebago. The largest fish speared on Lake Winnebago Sunday was 122.9 pounds and 72.7 inches by Richard Markowski and registered at Payne’s Point. 

The largest sturgeon harvested from the Upriver Lakes was 55.0 pounds, 59.3 inches by Robert Lange at Indian Point. For the season, 491 sturgeon were taken out of Lake Winnebago, and 320 from the Upriver Lakes.

Lake Winnebago system sturgeon spearing regulations 2020

Winnebago System sturgeon spearing regulations and information pamphlet 2020 [PDF]

Daily harvest – February 23, 2020

Daily sturgeon tally sheet [PDF]