30 for Freedom Run

A run coming to Fond du Lac this weekend is aiming to raise awareness about sex trafficking. The 30 for Freedom movement began two years ago in Minnesota, and has already expanded to places like Seattle, Iowa, and Alabama – and raised over $250,000.

Organizer Dave Skahen says it may not seem like a crime that people think could happen in Fond du Lac, but it’s much more common than many people know. He tells us “in every county in the state of Wisconsin, there has been a case of sex trafficking. The average age is right around thirteen. These are people that can’t stand up for themselves. These are people who are being trafficked and really have no hope. And that’s what we’re here to do. Bring hope to the hopeless.”

The 5-K run is beginning at 9:00 Saturday morning at the Deneveu Shelter at Lakeside Park.