385 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 In WI On Saturday

The Saturday COVID-19 numbers show 385 new confirmed cases, bringing the total to 24,539. Two out of the last three days have produced the highest daily confirmed cases since June 3 and 4, when the state registered 975 new cases in just two days. While some may say the positive numbers will rise as total testing increases, the daily testing count remains consistent.

There were 10,197 test results processed on Saturday, with 3.8% of those results coming back positive. That’s the second highest daily total in the past 14 days. The 20-29 age group continues to have the largest share of overall cases, accounting for 20% of the total confirmed cases. 18% of the cases come from 30-39 age group, and another 16% in the 40-49 demographic. 

A total of 239 people remain hospitalized as a result of the cornonavirus, with 90 of those in ICU. As of Saturday, 4,840 active COVID-19 cases remained in Wisconsin. Seventy-seven percent of people have recovered and the remaining 3% of people have died, according to the state health department. There have been 454,563 negative tests returned since the start of the pandemic.