Bomb Threat Thursday Sends Kiel Schools Into Virtual Learning; 4th Threat Received Friday

For the fourth time this week, the Kiel School District received a bomb threat targeting the Kiel Middle School.

The Kiel School District and Kiel Police Department announced the bomb latest threat was received Friday shortly after 6:50 a.m.

The threat came on the heels of a third bomb threat that we received Thursday morning at about the same time of day.

Both of the newest threats once again referred to the ongoing Title IX investigation being conducted by the Kiel School District. In a social media post, the Kiel Police Department said the email threats were also sent to members of the media, a school staff member, and others not associated with the school district.

In-person classes had already been cancelled and moved on-line, so there were no students or staff present in the middle school or district offices.

A thorough search of the Middle School was conducted but no devices were located, and the building was cleared.

The email said the district needs to end its investigation of sexual harassment against the three eighth graders, or the threats would continue and escalate and other targets within the community would be identified.

Based on the threats, the Kiel School District announced classes would be virtual for the remainder of the school year.

City officials made the decision Thursday to cancel the planned Memorial Day parade.

The Wisconsin DOJ is assisting in the investigation into who is behind the threats.