$5000 Reward Offered In Beaver Dam

We told
you earlier this month about the vandalism to the lights at Swan Park
in Beaver Dam. Now a $5000 reward is being offered to assist in solving the
case. Sheriff Dale Schmidt announcing that in a press release issued on Monday afternoon.
The $5000 reward is from an anonymous donor. The damage to the Rotary Lights
took place the morning of December 5th. Along with the damage in the
park, there were a number of other crimes committed at roughly the same
timeline, which authorities believe were all related. Anyone with any
information is asked to contact Detective Danie Kuhnz at the Beaver Dam Police
Department. To receive the reward, a credible tip would need to be received by
Detective Kuhnz no later than March 15th of 2020. The tip must lead
directly to the arrest and conviction of the offenders