70th Walk with Walker Promotes Tourism During Stop at Lakeside Park

Wisconsin’s First Lady Tonette Walker was in Fond du Lac on Tuesday to host another Walk with Walker – promoting
tourism around the state and right here in our area. Walker
tells us she chose Lakeside Park for a landmark walk because of its proximity to Lake Winnebago. 

She says “that’s really what we try to
do, is pick spots that people really don’t know about so that we can showcase
them. So it’s been all over the state, and this is our 70th walk.”

Walker also tells us every walk is a bit different because there are
such diverse locations all over the state. She points out that 
“some have trails, some that
don’t – we were in the woods, we’re not in the woods – we’re climbing up to the
waterfall – so all of them are different. So this one is our first night walk
like this, this twilight walk, and I’ve always wanted to do it all these years.
So finally I said we’re going to knock that night one out. And who thought it
would be eighty degrees out? It’s supposed to be crisp and cool walking in

But Walker says her favorite part of the walks is talking with people
about the things going on in communities around Wisconsin. She says 
“I think people love – they’re proud
of where they live. They’re proud of their community. And what I get to see is
people coming out to say ‘I live here, I’m proud of what goes on here, I’m
proud of the things my community is doing’ – and they want to showcase it. And
I think that’s the best part about it – is getting to hear all about that.”