9-1-1 Technology Used to Find Victim of Fall at Oakfield Natural Area

After a
man fell from a cliff in the Oakfield Ledge State Natural Area last week – it
was not particularly easy for first responders to find his location. His
friends called 9-1-1 for help, but they were in a remote location surrounded by
rough terrain. Captain Ryan Waldschmidt tells us dispatchers have the
technology to locate callers, but the surroundings made things a bit difficult. Waldschmidt says 
“they call it phase two
911 technology, that gives the dispatcher that’s receiving the 911 call a
general location or general proximity of where the caller is calling from. In
this case with the ledge there, it makes the technology that cell companies use
to triangulate the location of the cell phone, it makes it trickier.”

closed in on the area from multiple directions – as they weren’t sure exactly
where the man landed or which way would give them easiest access.