9/11 Memorial Exhibit in Waupun This Weekend

Waupun is set to welcome a traveling 9/11 Memorial
Exhibit to town this weekend. The 9/11 Never Forget Mobile Exhibit will be on
display in the city this weekend as part of Celebrate Waupun. The 53-foot
trailer expands into a 1,100 square foot exhibit that will be open for tours
both Saturday and Sunday. Waupun Fire Chief BJ DeMaa says they brought the
exhibit to Waupun this weekend to help educate and remind people of the events
of September 11th, 2001. “As we move further and further away from
the events of that day, you start realizing that we’ve got a generation that’s
coming through school now that wasn’t alive when it happened,” DeMaa said. “We
need to make sure that our kids know about what happened that day, the
sacrifices that were made by so many people, and just pause and reflect.”

The exhibit features artifacts from Ground Zero,
documentaries and radio transmissions from firefighters on scene. DeMaa says
two New York firefighters who were working on 9/11 are on hand to give tours
and answer questions. The exhibit will be on display from Noon until 8 pm both
Saturday and Sunday in the east parking lot at Rock River Intermediate School
on Spring Street in Waupun.