9 Water-Related Incidents In FDL Co. Since April 4

An unusually high number of
water-related incidents in the county this spring was reason enough for FDL Fire/Rescue
and the FDL County Sheriffs Department to work together on a water safety
demonstration Wednesday. Rescue crews from both departments donned gear and
demonstrated how having the proper rescue gear in your boat on other watercraft
can often times be the difference between life and death. 

Garth Schumacher,
Division Chief with FDL Fire/Rescue, noted the recent accident on the Fond du Lac River, took only five minutes
for rescue teams to make it to the location, but another 60 minutes to locate
the person. Schumacher said with river conditions being murky, and a fast-moving
current, being able to stay above water for a longer period of time, due to a personal flotation device, could have
made the difference. 

Fond du Lac
Sheriff Ryan
Waldschmidt also added, with 56 lakes in the county, and 461 miles of
navigable rivers and streams, there’s ample places to get out and enjoy the
water. “You need to be safe, you need to have a plan, you need to have proper
equipment both on you as well as in your boat.” There have been 9 water-related
incidents in the county since April 4th