A Fondy First Flu Clinic At The FDL County Jail For Inmates

The Fond du Lac Area United Way will be using the FamilyWize program in a way that it has never been used before in the nation. They are partnering with the Fond du Lac County Health Department, Walgreen’s, and the County Jail to offer flu shots to inmates in the County Jail. United Way Executive Director Amber Kilawee says they were trying to think of a way to impact at least 300 people when they came up with this idea. Inmates do have contact with the public through visiting hours and work release programs. If they don’t get sick it also saves County taxpayers money. FamilyWize, a discount prescription drug program, will be publicizing the effort hoping other United Way chapters will follow suit with their own unique ideas or possibly similar efforts. The flu shots will be administered at the Jail on Monday, November 6th. A Walgreen’s pharmacist and assistant will administer the shots.