A Pope Among The People

Even those who aren’t Catholics are following Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S. Father John Mitchell of Holy Family Parish in Fond du Lac says the Pope has charisma. He says one of his greatest appeals is he speaks with simplicity and over and again of the Love of God and the mercy that God has for the world. Dr. David Schimpf is an Associate Professor of Theology at Marian University. He says security is a concern during the Pontiff’s visit, but this Pope is accessible as exhibited in Washington. D.C. when he told the Secret Service to let a little girl through who was trying to pass him a note and t-shirt. Schimpf says the pope said, “Let that little child come to me,” which is what Jesus had said in a similar circumstance. Schimpf says the Pope is not just a figurehead at some distance, but here among us.