Absentee Ballots Already Available

The general election is still 47 days away, but it’s not too early to get your absentee ballot. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg is impressed with the amount of ballots the county has already handed out. 

She says “we have had a strong amount of requests already. The municipal clerks have had the ballots since last week, it’s amazing how many absentee ballots have been sent out already. We are running into the people who were hoping the ballots would be here early.”

Freiberg adds that “if you know who you want to vote for and you want to have it done and
say ‘my ballot is ready on November 6th for the election officials
to cast it on my behalf’ – then go ahead and absentee vote and be done with

She also suggests filling out your absentee ballots early to avoid any issues. Freiberg points out that “the last day somebody could ask for an absentee ballot sent to them is
going to be the Thursday before the election. I would not do it at that point
because there is no guarantee you are going to receive it and get it back the
municipal clerk by November 6th, but that’s what the statute is.”