Absentee Ballots Need To Be Postmarked By Today To Count

With so much confusion surrounding today’s election, FDL County Clerk Lisa Freiberg is reminding everyone about some key points regarding absentee ballots. Freiberg says one of her biggest concerns is the amount of absentee ballots that have NOT been returned.  Freiberg is reminding everyone that absentee ballots, that have not been turned in yet, NEED to be delivered to the polling location today OR postmarked with today’s date.  There will also be some voters that will receive their absentee ballot in their mailbox today, and those voters need to fill out the ballot and get it back to post office today, or hand deliver it to the polling location before they close tonight.  The US Supreme Court made alterations to the Ballot Receipt deadline on Monday, saying  

1)    Ballots that are hand-delivered after 8 p.m. or that are postmarked after April 7 are not counted. Ballots with a postmark on or before April 7 and received by 4 p.m. on April 13 are counted