Absentee Voting Nearing End Prior to Tuesday Election

Tuesday is Election Day – and there are a number of heated
races showing up on the ballot. County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says there are lots
of people showing up to submit absentee ballots already, but that brings her to
remind voters about some of the basic things you need before you can cast a
vote in Wisconsin. 

Freiberg says “you need to have a
picture ID, we’re seeing a lot of people asking for an absentee ballot but have
not shown their picture ID. That is something that is a state law and you must
provide some kind of picture ID – a driver’s license, passport, many different
things you can check out online, call the county clerk’s office, call your municipal

She also reminds anyone planning to send in their ballot that today is the final day to request an absentee ballot by
mail. Freiberg says even requesting it by mail now “
is cutting it
really close if you plan to mail it back to your municipal clerk. There’s no
guarantee it’ll be there by Election Day – the ballot must be to the municipal
clerk by Tuesday, November 6th. So if you are mailing it, I guess I
would maybe pay extra postage or send it certified so that you know your ballot
was received.”

Freiberg adds that in-person absentee voting is also an option, and that most municipalities will be closing down in-person absentee
voting at the end of the business day on Friday. If you don’t know the times, but want to cast your ballot early in person – you should call to check
the times of your local municipal clerk’s office. 

She also says “those of you who live
in towns and some villages, you need to contact your municipal clerk. Some
towns will be offering absentee voting yet this weekend, on Saturday. So you
may want to check with them, if that is available in your municipality. But
calling now is better than calling tomorrow or even the next day because we are
right down to the last moments of absentee voting.”

Voters in Wisconsin can also register to vote on Election Day, but proof of residency is required.