Accident Closes Down Highway 26 North Of Rosendale

The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department responded to a crash on State Highway 26 at Griffith Road north of Rosendale at 5:15 Wednesday morning. A County Highway Department worker witnessed the accident. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says there were a couple injuries. He says, “There were no serious injuries, it looks like several people were injured just minor injuries so the fire department and Ripon ambulance responded to the scene along with the deputies.” The road was closed down for an hour because the road was glare ice and needed to be treated. Waldschmidt says that is also for the safety of those working at the scene. He notes when temperatures started dropping Tuesday night roads iced up and they ended up responding to a few accidents. He says, “When it hit the right temperature the roads glazed over so we had a few runoffs and crashes and certainly like I said on Highway 26 deputies were reporting it was icy, so.” The Sheriff’s Department reported two accidents on southbound I-41 and 45 at South Military Road Tuesday night and five runoffs. Fond du Lac Police reported four minor accidents in the City and one runoff.