Accident Report Deputy Was Traveling At “Very Alarming” Rate Of Speed

Two witnesses the State Patrol talked to during their investigation into a fatal accident involving a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputy say the deputy was traveling at a “very alarming” rate of speed just before the accident. Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Flood collided with 20-year-old Matthew Koenigs of Fond du Lac at County Highways B and K while responding to a hit and run call. According to the report Michelle Fitzpatrick and Rod Kimball were enjoying some ice cream at Kelley’s Country Creamery when the deputy went by without lights and sirens on. They weren’t sure who was in the car that went by on County Highway B. Fitzpatrick told investigators moments later she heard a faint boom, followed by a louder sound of screeching tires. Fitzpatrick, who is a first responder, told Kimball that they had to go and see what happened. Flood told investigators he saw Koenigs vehicle stopped on County K at the intersection and began taking his foot off the gas, but didn’t have much time to react when Koenigs pulled out in the intersection. According to the report Flood was going more than 70 miles per hour when he hit Koenigs car killing him. Koenigs car was going between 12 to 19 miles per hour. To see the report click here.