ACE Academy Open House Held at FDL HS

The Fond du Lac School District showcased its new
Architecture, Construction and Engineering Academy facility to the public
Wednesday night. The ACE academy is the largest collaborative effort between
industry and K-12 education in the state and provides opportunities for
students interested in careers in the construction industry.

Fond du Lac Board of Education President Linda Uselmann expressed
gratitude on behalf of the board to those who made the ACE Academy
possible. “We are so grateful to those who spearheaded this operation, to those
who generously contributed hours, knowledge, dollars and supplies, and to those
who’ve pledged to shepherd our students in the upcoming months and years”
Uselmann said. “We feel so proud to hold up this concrete and brick and steel
and glass example, of the impressive things that can happen when a community
forms partnerships and embraces innovation to meet its changing needs, to
invest in the next generation and to connect experts with learners.”

County Executive Al Buechel also shared remarks at the open
house – giving credit to the business and education leaders for coming together
to provide this opportunity for students. “It is important for the county to
have these young workers come into the workplace”, Buechel said. “Those
communities and counties that are going to have success economically in the future
are the ones that are going to do the best job in responding to worker training
and worker re-engagement”, he added, “this is just an example of something that
this community has done to help our success in the future.”

Over 38 area companies are involved in the ACE Academy. The
open house was held at the new facility at Fond du Lac High School.

Photos from Wednesday’s open house: