Administrative Positions Being Cut From UW Two Year Schools

State budget cuts are leading the U-W System’s two-year colleges to cut 83 full-time administrative positions by consolidating leadership. U-W Fond du Lac will be grouped into a northeast region with the Manitowoc and Fox Valley schools. One administrative team will oversee that region. U-W Colleges Chancellor Cathy Sandeen says they’re creating three more regions for the other 10 campuses. She says they will cluster the campuses together in regions under one leadership team. She says they are doing that because they are forced to and they believe it will allow them to provide the services they need to provide to their students. Sandeen says they’re not eliminating any faculty positions and they’re only going to cut the instructional budget by $100,000. The 13 campuses lost $5 million through the budget cuts. Pictured UW-Fond du Lac Dean John Short.