Advisory Committee Proposal Not Just Reaction To Business Closings

Fond du Lac City Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan says her proposal to form a Downtown Fond du Lac Advisory Committee is not a knee-jerk reaction to some high profile business closings. She says we need to think about the downtown’s future and get the community involved in the process. She says she’s thinking about the big picture and we need to find out what people want in their downtown and what the obstacles are for creating a business downtown. She says she actually began conversations with City Manager Joe Moore a few months ago. She says you have to be proactive these days. She says life has changed so much over the last 10 to 20 years and status quo isn’t an option anymore. Lorrigan says she’s on the road in other communities every day for her job and she sees what is happening in communities that don’t pay attention to their business and shopping climate. She says Chilton is a great example. They built a Walmart and their downtown is basically vacant. She says that’s not what we want in Fond du Lac.  The City Council will take up the issue again at their first meeting in January.