Advisory Park Board Couldn’t Vote, But Council Could. What changed?

The big news this morning is that Fond du Lac City Council voted to move the Lakeside Park Master Plan project forward. The matter now heads to the Lakeside Forward Group for approval of the Alternative Master Plan that was hammered out, at least in principle, last night at a Special Session of Council. But there’s still a question or two many have, following the vote. In the Tuesday night Advisory Park Board Meeting, a vote was not allowed by City Attorney Deb Hoffmann, who had said the action item needed to be on the agenda. Last night, with an agenda that also had no apparent action item, and in fact had just one item listed, that being the Lakeside Park Enhancement Agreement, and that resulted in two votes being taken. So what was difference between the two meetings? We’ve reached out to Attorney Hoffmann for clarification, but have yet to hear back from her.