After Arctic Air, Prepare for a Warmup This Weekend

After a few days of arctic air and sub-zero temperatures, a
thaw appears to be coming for this weekend. The National Weather Service has
highs forecast for the Fond du Lac area in the mid-30s tomorrow, right around
40 for Sunday and in the mid-40s for Monday with some rain. With the warmer
temps comes melting snow – and Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff
explains that the city is already working ahead to help clear up snow piles
around the city. “Essentially we’re really hoping to get a lot of that snow
that we got earlier this week off of those roadways where we don’t have a terrace
to hold the snow, so that mother nature – when it starts to get warmer, when we
get some rain – can really help melt that and provide some open pavement. That
will be better for traffic, be better for downtown businesses, and for parking
and all of that.”  

Skiff says the potential for melting snow and some rain
means it can impact the city’s sanitary sewer system. “That water,
unfortunately enters that sanitary sewer system, which is not sized for that.
And so some of those flows can reach our sanitary plant and can be a concern in
that way,” he said. “At this point we’re not aware of the amount of snow melt
and rain being so large that It’s a great concern in that way,” he added.