After Hours TV Donation Causes Headaches for Oshkosh Saint Vincent de Paul Store

Someone with likely good intentions has caused a bit of
frustration at Saint Vincent De Paul in Oshkosh
– after dropping off fifteen tube TV sets at the store over the weekend. 

surveillance camera captured a man placing the TVs outside the building, right
in front of a sign clearly stating that donations are not accepted after hours.
The store would have rejected that donation during staffed hours because they
are unable to sell them or even give them away. 

They are holding onto the
televisions until the end of the week, hoping the man who left them will
realize the issue and come back to pick them up. If that does not happen, Saint
Vincent De Paul will have to spend $375 to haul them away and recycle them. 

Profits made from selling donated goods to the Oshkosh location helped Saint
Vincent De Paul hand out more than $350,000 for food, shelter, and clothing for
those in need. 

Oshkosh Police are looking into the incident and say a citation
is possible for the man seen on camera.