AG Talks About Methamphetamine During Stop In FDL

State Attorney General Brad Schimel says there is a coming storm on the drug addiction scene in the state and its name is methamphetamine. He says for years it was a problem mostly confined to northwestern Wisconsin, but now it is making its way through the state. He says the odd thing is people addicted to opioids are now turning to methamphetamine, which is cheaper. He says it is actually more addictive and dangerous than opiates. He says people perceive it as less dangerous because it doesn’t cause the overdose deaths, but it does often cause death by heart stoppage and other physical problems and it is very destructive to the body. He says people who are addicted to other amphetamines are more likely to use meth. He says there are a lot of college aged people using meth because it allows them to stay up longer to study or stay out longer to party. Prolonged use of methamphetamine causes brain damage and organ failure. Schimel talked about the problem during a public safety round table in Fond du Lac.