Agnesian Health Care Hosts “Stop the Bleed” Training

first responders are partnering with Agnesian Healthcare to organize training
sessions for the “Stop the Bleed” program. And while the campaign was created in 2015 after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary – Fond du Lac County
Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says there are tons of other situations
where the training can be useful. Waldschmidt tells us having knowledgeable
citizens makes a difference, because “many of these rural school districts or really
any business or even on a farm or a car crash, first responders can be a long
way away, so this is just going to be enabling those people who are trained in
these techniques to help at these scenes and provide that critical care early
on in these instances.” There will be
training sessions held at schools and organizations around the area. Training
sessions will also be organized for anyone who wants to learn the lifesaving program.