Allen Proposes Binding Agreement On Lakeside Park Project

Many city residents were not able to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks this year. But there may be enough fireworks for everyone this Wednesday when the Fond du Lac City Council convenes for their regularly scheduled meeting. On the agenda is a potential drafting of a Resolution and Agreement submitted by Council member Arletta Allen for the Lakeside Park renovations and additions.

Discussions have centered on the proposed multi-use building including a bistro; and an amphitheater with ice rink, with the plan drawing both private-sector financial support and opposition. The decisions by the council this week could have lasting effects for the next 75 years. The resolution looks to approve implementation of the Lakeside Master Plan, as well as a binding agreement. Under the proposed agreement, the newly formed Lakeside Forward Foundation would enter into a 25-year ground lease agreement with the City, at $1 per year, renewable for up to two more successive 25-year terms.

The Lakeside Forward Board would also be responsible for the Board of Directors that would consist of one council member, four members of the donor pool, City of Fond du Lac Parks Director, and the City Manager. While the Lakeside Master Plan is looking to move forward in creating more attractive destinations in the park specifically, and the city in general, those opposed to the plan say they are for change, but do not want anything built on the lighthouse peninsula. To build. Or not to build. That is the question, and the answer could come as early as this Wednesday night.