Ally in the Sky for Local Sheriff’s and Police

Fond du Lac and Sheboygan County
Sheriff’s deputies and Fond du Lac Police
Officers have a new ally in the sky when it comes to patrolling State Highway
23 east of Fond du Lac
for speeders and reckless drivers. The State Patrol began its aerial patrols of
the 19-mile stretch of highway between Fond du Lac
and Plymouth
Wednesday. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says it is an effective
and interesting way to catch violators over a long stretch of the highway. “They
do a time and distance calculation, they use markings on the highway to measure
speeds of vehicles on the highway below and then they radio ahead to squad cars
and send the squad cars out to stop those people that are speeding.”
Waldschmidt said. “While they are up there too they can look at other things
like following too closely, passing in no-passing zones they can see all kinds
of violations from the air.” Waldschmidt points out they have done aerial
patrols with the State Patrol on other highways in the County including State
Highway 26 and Highway 151, but this is the first time on that particular
stretch of Highway 23.