Almost 50 Wildfires In WI In Past Week

Warmer temperatures, gusty winds and dry vegetation resulted in nearly 50 wildfires across the state this week. Winds are expected to maintain their strength this weekend, with no rain expected until Monday.   

“The last week or so has been unusually busy due to the dry fuels, increased burning activity and lack of snow statewide,” said Catherine Koele, DNR fire prevention specialist. “While these fires have remained relatively small in size, fire control officials are concerned the forecasted winds over the weekend could result in increased fire occurrence and rapid fire growth.”

The DNR recommends holding off on conducting any debris burning until the ground is completely snow-covered. In addition, keep a close eye on the daily fire danger and know local burning restrictions before using any fire in the outdoors. 

For more information on the fire risk in your county, visit the DNR website.