Almost 7,000 Negative COVID-19 Tests Confirmed In WI Sat

It’s still a numbers game when it comes to COVID-19. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported 6,626 negative tests for coronavirus on Saturday, along with 481 positive cases. The percent of daily positive tests rose to 6.8%, even while total tests administered dropped. 

The state has said they want to increase testing, but there have only been two days out of the last five where we have seen testing coming close to the maximum testing levels. State officials said they want to see 85,000 COVID-19 tests administered weekly, but on Saturday there were a total of 7,107 tests results released. That’s almost 50% of what the state-wide labs are capable of. Currently there are 54 labs, across the state, capable of 14,153 daily tests. 

The question many are asking is, why are we not getting to the “maximum” level sooner on tests given? As of Saturday, there have been a total of 179,329 negative tests returned, and now almost 15,000 confirmed cases with 507 deaths. The state is opening back up, the temps are on the rise. And as we said, it’s a waiting game to see whether a “spike” is going to happen, or if confirmed cases start dropping daily.