Alternative Master Plan Now Referred To As “New Master Plan” For Lakeside Park

The discussion in regards to the Lakeside Master Plan continues today, as the Advisory Park Board is set to get the latest on the actions related to the New Lakeside Master Plan. 

City of Fond du Lac Department of Public Works Director Jordan Skiff and Parks Superintendent John Redmond will update the board. What’s interesting to note is that the word “NEW” has now been inserted into the plan. Up until now, the Master Plan had been referred to as “Alternative.” 

Members of the Park Board had voted back in July to recommend halting the construction of a new pavilion until a feasibility study has been completed, and to hold an advisory referendum on the Master Plan for Lakeside Park in November. A motion to halt the construction was brought to the floor by Kay Miller, but it failed to gain a second.  And while discussion on a referendum recommendation was had, it was never brought up for a vote.