Amber Lights Now Being Used On School Buses

A new law went into effect this week requiring school buses in Wisconsin to use an eight-light system. The additional lamps are amber in color and will be used to signal that the bus is making an upcoming stop. Brenda Oestreich is the manager of Johnson School Bus Services in Fond du Lac. She says they have 58 buses in their fleet. She drove bus herself for 15 years. She says the amber lights are just another way of insuring kids are safe getting on and off a school bus. She says it’s hoped the lights will give drivers a better idea that the bus is coming to a stop. Drivers can pass a bus flashing the amber lights, but with caution. Oestreich says buses are already being used for sports charters including for football, cross country, and soccer teams. Public school students in Fond du Lac return to school on September 1st, but some of the parochial schools start next Wednesday.

DOT Video School Bus Warning Lights