Andy Land On Everest Experience

The Fond du Lac man who survived on Mt. Everest during an earthquake last month says he and his team were so fortunate. Andy Land says the earthquake happened while they were in Camp 1 nearly 21,000 feet up. He says the quake caused avalanches on the mountain, but they were in a safer spot than others. He says it wasn’t until about an hour later they realized base camp about 3,000 feet below them was devastated by an avalanche leaving many dead and injured. Land says all resources were being used to help those in the base camp. He says they decided to take their time and help people on their way back down. Land is a hospice nurse and others in his party had medical training. He says the people of Nepal were so grateful for the help. He says unfortunately some of the people they helped probably died in a second quake that hit Nepal this past Tuesday. Land says the trip was about raising awareness for hospice and because of what happened it got more attention than if he had made the summit.

Impressed By People Of Nepal

For a Fond du Lac man there are many things to remember about surviving an earthquake while climbing Mt. Everest, but the people of Nepal struck a chord with him. Andy Land made the attempt to scale Everest to raise awareness for hospice, he’s a hospice nurse. He says after surviving the quake on the mountain that caused avalanches he and his team decided to help people in the villages on their way down. He met a young girl who made a lasting impression. He says she was 9-years-old and she wanted to show him how well she could read and write English and wrote in his journal. He says with sadness that she may be dead now. The girl’s village was destroyed during a second quake in Nepal this past Tuesday. Land says if the climb hadn’t been abandoned he would have still been on the mountain this week and probably would have died in that second quake. Land says he knows there are disasters around the world daily, but he’s got a story to tell and he will tell it to whoever wants to listen.

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