Another 170+ Pound Sturgeon Taken Friday

It was a first for Issac Bond on Friday, as he hauled in his first sturgeon ever, weighing in at 171.1 pounds and measuring 83.2 inches. The F2 female was registered at the Calumet Harbor station.

Day 7 of the sturgeon spearing season saw a slight increase in harvest. The total harvest from Lake Winnebago was 65 fish (9 juvenile females, 32 adult females and 24 males), an increase from yesterday’s 47 fish.

The increase is most likely because more spearers were out before the upcoming weekend.

The total current harvest total on Lake Winnebago is now 738 fish.

View the full details in Friday’s full harvest report here.

Issac’s harvest makes four fish over 150 pounds harvested from Lake Winnebago this year, with two of those fish weighing in at over 170 pounds.

Also noteworthy is that the Battle on Bago tournament began Friday, which brings anglers from all over to Lake Winnebago to ice fish. With this increase in traffic, be careful if you plan to be out on the ice spearing over the next few days.

As always, be sure to check with the local clubs for the most up-to-date ice conditions. Stay safe, everyone, and good luck!