Another Can of Worms

Something You Should Know
About Lyme’s


Being a trout fisherman and
hunter, I remove a number of ticks from me every year.  I try to be very careful, but it seems like with
everything else you can’t be too careful. 
As a result I have been treated for Lyme’s three times now, and yes you
can get it more than once.  Another
problem is that you think it is gone and it comes back again. 


Lyme’s disease also masquerades
itself as many other diseases which makes it difficult to diagnose.  Another problem is that the Lyme’s test is
not always very accurate.  If diagnosed
early it is easily and effectively treated with antibiotics like Doxycycline.
If it is not diagnosed and treated early it can be very difficult to treat and
be very dehibilitating even causing death. 


Some people might think that
they do not hunt or fish so they are not at risk. You can pick up deer ticks
just walking in the grass of your own back yard or any grassy area.  The deer ticks are so small that you might
not even see them or know you have ever had a tick on you.  It is something that everyone should be
concerned about.  We are also now finding
out that you can get Lyme’s by mosquitos, horseflies, and even blood


Another reason that everyone
should be concerned about Lyme’s disease is that it is so often misdiagnosed,
misunderstood, and mistreated.  Lymes
disease is reaching epidemic proportions with so many people going undiagnosed
until it is almost too late. This should not be a reason for anyone to stay
inside, but rather you need to be informed and take the necessary precautions.  


There is a lot of good
information available on Lyme’s disease, but there is also a lot of false
information about Lyme’s.  I can tell you
that Lyme’s is for real and I am still dealing with treating my Lymes.  I think I might be over with it and it seems
to come back.  It is very serious and you
should take it seriously if you think you might have it.


Talking about false
information, there is a lot of it available on the internet and on YouTube, but
you would be surprised with what you might find about Lyme’s disease that is
true and being covered up.   I would
suggest that if you have internet access you might want to look at the
following YouTube video’s on Lyme’s.  It
might make you think and it might make you want to find out more about it.  It also might make you become a little more
concerned and aware of the problem it is becoming because you might be the next
person to have it.


YouTube Video’s:
            – Why the Government Won’t
Allow Treatment for Lyme’s Disease

            – Lyme Disease: What Your Doctor Hasn’t Told Your

            – Under Our Skin

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