Another NFDL School Board Candidate Caught In Opposition Cross Hairs

The School Board race in North Fond du Lac continues to grab a fair amount of attention ahead of the February 15th primary.

A vocal online group had now put school board candidate Tera McCarthy in its cross hairs, looking to paint the picture that McCarthy is unfit to run.

The website calls itself the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement. Their focus the past few days has been McCarthy, and in an online blog, claims McCarthy and her husband are the administrators of the public Facebook page labeled “The Truth Behind the District.” The group claims McCarthy had put images on their page of students from Bessie Allen Middle School and Horace Mann High School, without parental consent.

The group also claims, in the blog, that while McCarthy is looking to fix issues within the district, she’s “fixated on being anti-mask.”

In a text message exchange with KFIZ News, Candidate McCarthy said she doesn’t know why the authors of the website, as well as the Facebook group, Thee Fond du Lac Underclass, has decided to go after her.

She told KFIZ she “took a stand against the freedoms being taken away within the school district.”

McCarthy also said her focus is to fix the educational failures within the school district.

Her complete response is below:

“I don’t know why this particular group, Thee Fond du Lac Underclass, has decided to go after me and put me on the same level as our Freedom Fighting Canadian Truckers, but Thank You. I have been fighting for our Freedoms right here in NFDL since Aug ’21.   I’ve never denied what I have stood up for and what has happened as a result of that. My children will tell you what they have stood for, why, and that they are proud. They will also tell you about Our Constitution and what it means. I took a stand against our Freedoms being taken within our School District. That has nothing to do with why I’m running for school board. If that was the reason, I would of ran in the last election. I’m running for school board because change needs to happen. My focus is to fix the Educational Failures within our District, not masks. Our District Report Card puts us in the bottom 5% for over 4yrs. That’s not ok. I have decided to make a statement because the bulling needs to stop. This group has pushed one person out of the Primary. Lets show them NFDL wants parents who aren’t afraid to stand up for them. Vote Tera McCarthy on Tuesday,  Feb 15th!”