Another Ranking Puts FDL Among Tops In Nation In Manufacturing Job Growth

The Fond du Lac metro area or Fond du Lac County continues to rank among the top metro areas in terms of manufacturing job growth. A new ranking shows the area was 19th in the nation for the percentage growth in manufacturing jobs between April 2010 and April 2014.  The number of new manufacturing jobs added during the period was 2,300 or a 26.4% increase. That’s on the heels of the recent report by NewGeography that the Fond du Lac metro rated #10 in the nation for manufacturing job growth in 2013. The Fond du Lac metro area also ranked highest among communities in Wisconsin with similar economic bases. The next largest in percentage growth in manufacturing jobs for the period was Racine with a 16.7 percent growth. By comparison Oshkosh saw a 7.1 percent decline.  Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation President Steve Jenkins says, “This report and the previous NewGeography reports clearly show the strength and recovery of the manufacturing sector in Fond du Lac County.” He added, “Again, we must not become complacent in regard to this robust increase. The manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving in automation and productivity. It is important to continue the support of this sector to be globally competitive”. To see the press release click here