Another Slow Day On Lake Winnebago

Ice and rain made for another slow day on Lake Winnebago in the 2022 Sturgeon Spearing season.

Day 11 featured just 17 fish harvested.

The weather played a huge part, with overcast skies limiting visibility and decreasing the number of people participating on the lake.

Only one juvenile male was harvested, while spearers brought in 6 adult females and 10 males.

The largest fish of the day was registered at the Grundman Lane station by Mark Kanitz. His fish was an F6 female, tipping the scales at 141.2 pounds and measuring 78.8 inches.

The Stockbridge registration station continues to lead the pack, with 7 of the 17 fish harvested on the lake, registered at the station.

The 2022 season wraps up Sunday on Lake Winnebago.