Anxiety as a Mental Health Concern

Anxiety is a common occurrence for just about everyone – whether it’s trying to beat a deadline or make a game winning shot. But for some people, anxiety can become a major mental health issue. Doctor Jim Salasek tells us the impact of anxiety has evolved along with society. He points out that “the original intent of anxiety was a protective mechanism that accelerated our ability to adapt quickly and give us energy and strength to do what we needed to do. But now it can be very dehabilitating.”

He adds that anxious people begin to question their worth when they’re not included in group activities or get rejected by other people, saying “as a young man, go up and ask three or four girls for a dance and they all say no – you might walk away saying ‘maybe I’m not worthwhile, maybe I’m not likeable’ – so that message starts running around in your head that ‘oh see, well maybe I don’t have much value or worth to other people’ and then you stop interacting with other individuals.”

When it comes to these issues, Salasek urges people close to the individual – like parents, teachers, and coaches – to talk with them “but also say, ‘don’t worry about that.’ You have to help the individual
work through their feelings and emotions and still feel like they’re competent
and qualified human beings.”

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