Arc Chapters And Clients Would Be Devastated By Medicaid Funding Cuts

During a gathering of the state Arc chapters in Fond du Lac this week the President and CEO of the Arc of the United States Peter Burns gave an impassioned speech about how proposed cuts in Medicaid funding could devastate the services they offer. Fond du Lac Arc Executive Director David Boelter says a total of $1.4 trillion in cuts is proposed over the next ten years. He says that would seriously impact the developmentally disabled who look to that funding so they can live normal lives in our community. He says it would also devastate the Arc because they as providers get the majority of their monies from Medicaid for the services they provide. Boelter says next Tuesday they will meet with U.S. Senator Ron Johnson to let him know how cuts like that will impact them and the people they provide services for. Boelter says the U.S. is the most blessed country on the face of the earth and asks if we can’t take care of our most vulnerable what does that say about our country?