Area Seniors Being Offered Help to Sign Up for Smart 9-1-1 Service

The Fond du Lac group Seniors And Law Enforcement Together
is offering area seniors help in setting up a Smart 9-1-1 profile. A Smart
9-1-1 profile is used to provide important information to dispatchers and first
responders in the event of an emergency. S.A.L.T. is partnering with Fond du
Lac County Emergency Management to promote the Smart 9-1-1 service, and making
use of Thursday afternoon “Tech Time” at the Fond du Lac Senior Center to help
seniors set up their profile.

Fond du Lac County Communications and Emergency Management
Director Bobbi Hicken calls the partnership “amazing” and says completing a
Smart 9-1-1 profile is important for keeping you and your family safe. “To have
someone actually sit and help them get that information and get that profile
created – it gets the job done and ensures its done correctly,” Hicken said. “Nobody
schedules a time to call 9-1-1, so having that information as soon as possible
is going to help us, and hopefully it’s not ever needed, but if it is, it’s
going to save lives.”

Tech Time is held Thursdays from 12:30 until 4 pm at the
Senior Center, with services provided by the Moraine Park Technical College
I.T. Club.

Learn more about Smart 9-1-1 Here