Arrest Made In Starkie Swanson Murder Case

Formal charges are expected to be filed Friday (4/22/2022) in the Starkie Swanson murder case.

The Calumet County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Thursday, announcing the arrest of John C. Andrews of Chilton. The 82-year old Andrews will be charged with Concealing a Corpse.

The case has been on-going since 1983, when Swenson went missing. Hikers found his remains in High Cliff State Park almost 40 years later.

Andrews had originally been charged and convicted in 1994 on a charge of Homicide by Negligent Use of a Motor Vehicle, after a witness came forward and revealed an argument she had overhead between Andrews and Swenson, with Andrews eventually running Swenson over in a parking lot in Neenah.

Andrews served a sentence of 24 months in jail.

Very few details surrounding the case were given Thursday, but are expected to be included in the criminal complaint that will be released Friday.