Art All Around This Weekend

The Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has created its second event, which debuts this weekend in Fond du Lac. CVB President Craig Molitor says just like the Sturgeon Spectacular was created around the opening weekend of the Sturgeon Spearing season, they saw an opportunity to do something similar during the weekend of Art on the Island in Lakeside Park. Molitor says they reached out to groups of artists and others and asked them to hold events round the first weekend in June. He says they got great participation. He says it will take time to build the event. He says over time if they can create a region wide art happening there will be visitors to it. He says this weekend there will be Gallery Night, Art of the Farm at the Meuer Farm, Art on Berger Plaza, Art on the Prairie at the Gottfried Prairie and Arboretum and of course the 49th Annual Art on the Island on Oven Island in Lakeside Park. You can learn more about the Art All Around weekend at the CVB website.